Student Research

Below are a few highlighted projects that illustrate creative and innovative work done by LMU Honors students. For access to all past Honors research, click this link to access the Digital Commons.

Creating Artistic Visual Representations of a Circus Performer's Acrobatic Movement

Fosse Lin-Bianco - 2020

For this experiment, Lin-Bianco created a motion tracking system to track the acceleration of a human foot. The goal of this system is to analyze how acceleration data can be used to artistically visualize a circus performer’s movement. A circus performer wore an acrobatic shoe and performed a variety of skills. The results produced acceleration data as well as a collection of digital art pieces that were unique to each individual skill and varied with each attempt.

      Lin-Bianco's Acrobatic Shoe used in research                  A piece of digital art generated                                
            A subject performing a forward roll

                         Fosse soldering

Briefcase: An Intelligent Legal Case Management Application 

Lucille Njoo - 2019

Briefcase is a legal case management software created for the Loyola Law School Project for the Innocent (LPI). The goal of the LPI is to aid the wrongfully incarcerated by reviewing trial transcripts and finding avenues for exoneration. However, transcripts can be very long and tedious to go through, thus a technology has been made to speed up this process. 


“Thus, in fall 2019, an LPI attorney approached us looking for technology to improve their process of reviewing trial transcripts, since no such technologies exist yet in the legal field. In response, we are building Briefcase, a web application that uses artificial intelligence to help lawyers collaborate and analyze court transcripts” 

“Using all of this information, we've built a piece of software that LPI attorneys are actually able to use.” 

“Briefcase is especially important to me because I am passionate about social justice, and this was the first (and biggest) project I have ever done that has helped me realize that we really can use technology in tangible ways for social good.” 


Briefcase Slideshow Briefcase Zoom Meeting


SHIFT Dance Intensive: Developing Dance, Arts and Culture in Hong Kong

Kelsey Marie Ang - 2019

The SHIFT Dance Intensive is a week-long immersion of contemporary dance taught by world-class BODYTRAFFIC company members, Joseph Davis and Haley Heckethorn. BODYTRAFFIC has received many awards and is internationally recognized for the quality of their work.

The SHIFT Dance Intensive helps pre-professional and professional dancers develop their artistry and gain connections with international dancers.  


“As part of this project, I created a marketing plan, website, marketing materials, social media pages, database of contacts, emails, contracts, and registration forms. I conducted research on dance in Hong Kong and connected with dancers, dance educators, schools, studios and dance organizations in Hong Kong. This project has benefited my learning as a double major in dance and marketing. It has helped me work towards my future career goals as I want to integrate my marketing experiences with dance to promote the positive benefits of dance and foster global connectivity through non-profit arts marketing, marketing dance organizations, social entrepreneurship and cause marketing.” 

“Funding from the Loyola Marymount University Honors Program has helped with website creation and social media marketing resulting in greater awareness of the program.” 

- Ang 


        Kelsey Marie Ang's presentation poster                     2021 Dance Intensive

The Utilization and Funding of Cultural Institutions to Combat Recessions in post-2008 Greece

Alfredo Y. Hernández, Katerina Zacharia - 2016

Hernández's research argues that targeted Keynesian-style investments directed at tourism industries of Greece should cause net benefits for the Greek economy. For his research, Hernández conducted interviews with government advisors and museum curators and looked at quantitative data such as GDP and government spending shifts. In conclusion, Hernández found that targeted investments in cultural institutions should have caused a boom to the Greek economy but spending restrictions have been imposed on the Greek government by the European Monetary Fund. Now, the Greek government has been requesting money from wealthy Greek citizens to help jumpstart their cultural / tourism sectors.


“I dove into government funding schemes of museums, as well as many museums’ published revenue spreadsheets, to evaluate whether the monetary inflows and outflows suggested an effective response on the government’s behalf.” 

“What the data showed was that the Greek government was not investing into museums at all, because they lacked any autonomy due to European Union (EU) Austerity Restrictions.” 

“What came out of this project ultimately was a collection of voices that had become voiceless and a platform to let them speak.”

- Hernández



                           Alfredo Y. Hernández presenting his poster


The Principality of Sealand: Citizens Around the World

Dawson Taylor, Laura Kulik, Liz Holland - 2016

For this research project, Liz, Laura and Dawson put their love of documentary filmmaking into practice. They explored the entity called Sealand, an independent sovereign state off of the coast of England. Sealand has been fighting for rights ever since it became an independent nation in 1966 by Roy Bates. 



"The Principality of Sealand is an oil platform about seven miles off the coast of England."

"To everyone’s surprise, the court ruled that Sealand was an independent nation and therefore the British government had no jurisdiction over it."

This was the beginning of Sealand as a micronation."

- Kulik

Distant Worlds, Together: Modernization and the Traditions and Cultural Practices of the Shinto Religion and its Relation to Contemporary Japanese Lifestyle and Popular Culture.

Ian Dizon - 2016

"Arriving in Japan is an adventure in itself. And when you get there it's like walking through the future.

The Tokyo streets are a sensory overload of lights, signs, and people. It is without a doubt the beating heart of Japan."

To clarify what I mean by this, I don't believe that what I was looking for can really be found in a book or article. It had to be visualized and experienced, juxtaposed against some essence of cultural norms we each individually have."

- Dizon


The Reel Problem With Digital: The Challenges of Preserving Motion Pictures in Digital Formats.

Nicholas Sy - 2016

"Over the past century, preservationists have developed practices in preserving motion pictures shot on celluloid film...

however, with the rise of digital cameras, which record digitally onto drives, as well as digital tools and digital effects, preservationists now face the new challenge of preserving motion pictures in its new native digital format."

- Sy


Helping the Help: The Fight for Empowerment for Filipino Domestic Workers in Hong Kong

Philippa Adams - 2016

"When I was a child in Hong Kong, I grew up with a Filipino helper, as did many of my friends. They were an undisputed part of the landscape, and seeing them sitting on the streets every Sunday never raised any questions within me. They were just there.


The many challenges facing domestic workers in Hong Kong are not unknown. Economic inequality leads many educated women into unskilled, domestic labour in Hong Kong, where they may face a number of obstacles. Discrimination, homesickness, sexual abuse, unjust employers…none of this is new information and there is much research surrounding it.

But I am interested in the groups, charities and nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) that seek to solve these problems and empower domestic workers. What people in Hong Kong are helping the help? What issues to them are the most pressing, and how can they be eliminated? Does the inability to apply for permanent residency hinder the empowerment of foreign domestic workers?

Children grow up, and I am back in Hong Kong to ask questions for the first time."

- Adams