Honors Summer Research Fellowship

Deadline for Summer 2023: March 17, 2023, at 5 p.m.

The Honors Summer Research Fellowship provides financial support for Honors students who wish to engage in faculty-mentored research and creative activities during the summer.

Honors Summer Research Fellowships are funded by donors and patrons of the University Honors Program. When a fellowship is granted, it is given a specific name (e.g., Clint Albertson Fellowship) based on the source of the fellowship funds. Aside from the source of funds, there are no other differences between Honors Summer Research Fellowships with different names.

This application includes additional questions not found in other research grant applications. We recommend that you answer these questions in a separate file first, then paste your responses in when you are ready to submit the whole application.


  • Open to non-graduating Honors students only
  • Students must be in good standing with the University Honors Program (i.e., not currently on probation)
  • Items funded are flexible depending on the proposed summer work, but typically include travel, work-related materials, and other incidental costs
  • Funds may not be used as a stipend solely for time spent doing research
  • Fellowships may not exceed $5,000
  • Relevant information includes a description of the project, a recommendation from the faculty mentor, and budget with justification
  • Deadline: Specific deadlines vary by year. Typically, grant requests must be submitted by the Friday of the third (3rd) to fifth (5th) weeks of the spring semester prior to the summer during which the work will be performed


To apply for the Honors Summer Research Fellowship, you must complete the following form and submit the following items:

  • A description of your project
  • A timeline and budget for your project (especially any deadlines or time constraints)
  • A letter of endorsement from your faculty advisor, emailed to honors@lmu.edu. This letter should:
    • Signify faculty approval for the student to engage in this research under their guidance
    • Describe the significance of the project for the student and how it relates to the faculty member's own work

If your proposal is funded, you are expected to present your work at the This is Honors event that is held during the LMU Undergraduate Research Symposium. You must also submit an abstract (and present your work if it is accepted) to the symposium itself. In addition, you are strongly encouraged to disseminate your work at any broader conference, publication, or appropriate venue. For this, you may apply for an Honors Ambassadorial Grant to defray expenses involved with that presentation or publication.

Upon submission, your proposal will be reviewed and you will be contacted directly about the results of this review.

Applications for all Honors research grants are submitted through the University Honors Program Grants & Fellowships collection of the Hannon Library’s Digital Commons system.