URBN 3998: Mapping Los Angeles

URBN 3998: Mapping Los Angeles looks at GIS (geographic information systems) and location analysis through the lens of our beautiful and diverse Los Angeles region. We use LA as an example, but these techniques can be used to study any place in the world. Everything happens somewhere. Whether you are building on your existing GIS knowledge or developing skills from a general interest in the field, this course will walk you through the steps to help you focus on “where.” Specifically, this course will help you:
  1. ask meaningful location-driven questions;
  2. establish a methodology to study those questions;
  3. create maps to analyze your questions;
  4. think critically about your findings; and
  5. visualize your results.

Course Information

URBN 3998: Mapping Los Angeles
Brianne Gilbert

To learn more about the course, please contact:
Brianne Gilbert, managing director and senior lecturer of urban and environmental studies, at brianne.gilbert@lmu.edu