Mentorship Networks

Peer-to-Peer Mentorship Program

The mentorship programs hosted by First To Go aim to provide a stable support system to aid students in their transition to college life. The mentor-mentee relationship aspires to foster a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere for the students, as the mentors encourage participants to voice out their concerns and difficulties, may it be academic, financial, or social; but also celebrate all of their mentee's successes. Most importantly, mentors serve as advocates for their mentees, aiding them in any which way they can.

As part of the First To Go Program at LMU, the Peer-to-Peer Mentorship Program aims to help the First To Go Scholars with their transition into college life by providing each scholar with a peer mentor to help them throughout their first year. Each scholar is paired with an upperclassmen mentor on the basis of common majors, career/professional goals, and/or similar interests.

“Having an FTG Peer Mentor has helped me in ways beyond what I expected. To have someone that you can reach out to that not only provides you with assistance on all things LMU but also someone who you can relate to on a personal level and knows exactly the things you’re going through is an amazing advantage to have. Having a person who has gone through the exact same scenarios and emotions as a first gen. college student helped my transition to college become a lot smoother than I would have previously thought. I am truly grateful.”

-- Andrei Pineda (Class of 2020)

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