CFA Abroad

Immerse yourself in new experiences and environments.  
Consider the many ways that culture informs expression.   
Learn about the world and be inspired. 
Get ready to study abroad! 

LMU offers over 60 study abroad programs where you can fulfill core requirements and gain cultural competencies that will expand your future opportunities.  Choose from a wide range of locations for your study abroad experience or consider programs with more targeted course options for CFA students (examples below).  Planning in advance is always recommended to maximize your program options. 

Examples of semester programs and highlighted disciplines

Australia:  Southern Cross University in Lismore – Creative Arts; Communication 
England:  LMU in London – Art History; LMU coreinternship 
France:  IAU in Aix-en-Provence – Art; Communication 
Italy:  Loyola University Chicago in Rome – Art; Music 
Japan:  Kansai Gaidai University in Hirakata – Art; Design
Mexico:  Augsburg University in Cuernavaca – Art; Intercultural Communication 
New Zealand: University of Auckland - Communications; Art; Music
United States:  Spelman College in Atlanta – Art; Dance; Music; Theater 
Wales:  Cardiff University – Communication; Media Studies; Music  

Complete list of programs

What courses will I take abroad?
During a semester abroad you will enroll in a full-time course load.  Students typically take a variety of courses abroad, including core requirements and electives.  While program courses are offered in English, you can develop your personal and professional network even further with language learning.   

Meet with your Academic Advisor early on to discuss what required courses in your major or minor may need to be taken on campus at LMU, and what requirements you can accomplish through coursework abroad. 

 Collage of building and landscapes