Seaver Abroad

Enhance your Seaver college experience and view your field of study in a global context with a term abroad.  

LMU’s semester optioncan have you participating in new research in Patagonia, exploring environmental science in Vietnam, studying computer science in Wales, or delving more into your major in Australia, Ireland, or South Africa By taking your education abroad, you not only participate in a once-in-a-lifetime college experiencebut also make connections that expand your network beyond the bluff, further strengthening your resume and future opportunities! 

What courses will I take abroad? 
During a semester abroad you will enroll in a full-time course load.  Classes are taught in English with language study available.  Planning in advance is always recommend to maximize your program options.  Students typically take a variety of courses abroadincluding core requirements and electives.  While LMU has a wide array of locations, examples of programs with more course options in science and engineering are listed below.

Examples of semester programs and highlighted disciplines

Argentina:  SIT in Patagonia and Antarctica – Environmental Science and field study 
Australia:  Southern Cross University in Lismore – Health Sciences 
Germany:  LMU Engineering in Bonn
South Africa:  Marquette University in Cape Town –  Sciences 
South Korea:  Sogang University in Seoul – Science and Engineering
Madagascar: SIT in Madagascar - Environmental Sciences; Biology
New Zealand: AUT University in Auckland - Engineering; Math; Sciences

United States:  Spelman College – Sciences; Mathematics 
Wales:  Cardiff University – Sciences; Engineering; Mathematics 

Complete list of programs

Staying on track for graduation 
Meet with your Academic Advisor early on to discuss what required courses in your major or minor may need to be taken on campus at LMU, and what requirements you can accomplish through coursework abroad.   

To prepare for this meeting:  

  • Review your degree requirements in your DegreeWorks and in the Bulletin 
  • Sketch out your own draft of a 4-year plan that includes space for when you want to study abroad and what courses you might like to take 

Review your 4-year plan with your Academic Advisor to understand what major/minor/core course options you have abroad.   

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