Travel Registration For LMU Faculty & Staff

"MyTrips" is a confidential and secure database for collecting and maintaining itinerary information for LMU’s faculty, staff, and students on domestic or international LMU-sponsored travel.

The MyTrips registration system is operated by Intl.SOS, LMU’s travel assistance provider. It is the official and authoritative source of traveler information for locating and communicating with travelers and responding to emergencies.

Who is required to register?

For faculty/staff/students who are participating in programs that are run by LMU Study Abroad:
Your program itinerary will be automatically registered in MyTrips by LMU Study Abroad staff. Please register any additional travel in the Intl.SOS MyTrips system.

For other approved LMU-sponsored travel within the U.S. or abroad:
You are required to submit your travel itinerary to the Intl.SOS MyTrips system in advance of your travel.  For group travel that is approved and LMU-sponsored, the complete participant roster must be uploaded, as well.  Log in to MyTrips using your LMU email address to create or update your profile.  Once a profile is established, frequent travelers may simply forward their flight itinerary and travel information by email.

Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP)
All faculty, staff, and students are encouraged to also register their travels with the U.S. State Department:  Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP).

Regarding the possibility of trip cancellation:  The university reserves the sole and absolute right to restrict university-related or sponsored travel to any country, or area of a country, where political and/or social instability, or disease, can increase the risks to the health and safety of LMU students, faculty, or staff.  Such risks include, but are not limited to, war, civil or social unrest, protest, a man-made or natural disaster, or epidemic/pandemic.  Such cancellation or restriction of a program or travel can occur even if the travel or program has begun at the time the risk presents itself.  The University Risk Manager, in consultation with other university personnel from Academic Affairs or Student Affairs, or other departments, and/or with the University General Counsel and other experts, may make the determination to cancel or restrict travel.

Required steps prior to planning LMU-sponsored travel  
Before planning any travel that is LMU-sponsored, either individual travel, group travel, or any travel involving students, faculty, and staff should carefully review LMU Risk Management’s Domestic and International Travel page, which also contains LMU's Travel Safety Policy. 

LMU’s Travel Safety Policy applies to all LMU-sponsored travel. Undergraduate and graduate students who may be planning to travel for research or attending conferences, and other such university-sponsored purposes, should also read and be aware of LMU’s Travel Safety Policy.