It is never too early to begin planning your study abroad experience! 

Study Abroad is an enriching experience for students of all majors. Students can take courses abroad to make progress toward graduation and fulfill core requirements. Courses abroad can fulfill specific major or minor requirements with approval. Internships, service-learning, and research opportunities are also available.

Take courses in English or expand your personal and professional network even further with language learning. 

Develop a 4-year plan that includes studying abroad! Ask your academic advisor to review your plan early on so you can understand what major/minor/core course options you have abroad. 

Fast Facts:

  • When can you study abroad?
    As soon as possible! First-year students can go abroad anytime after their first year. Transfer students can go abroad as soon as their second semester at LMU.

  • Where can you study abroad?
    LMU options span the globe with over 60 programs worldwide, including several U.S.-based locations.

  • How long can you study abroad?
    Students can study abroad for a year, a semester, or a summer term. Many students have multiple global experiences during their time at LMU.