BCLA Abroad

Discover how culture informs expression. 
Explore the ways in which history, language, politics, and religion shape societies. 
Expand your understanding of the world and develop a sense of global citizenship. 
Journey beyond the bluff with LMU Study Abroad. 

LMU has a wide array of international program options, including  several in the United States.  BCLA students typically take a variety of courses abroad, including core requirements, electives, and a course or two for their major or minor for a full-time course load.  While program courses are offered in English, language study is available in most locations.  Here are a few examples of programs with course options for BCLA students.  

Examples of semester programs and highlighted disciplines

China:  The Beijing Center 
Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala:  Augsburg University in Central America 
Croatia:  LMU Peace and Reconciliation in Zagreb 
England:  LMU Leadership in London with internship 
France:  Fairfield University in Aix-en-Provence – French; International Relations
Germany:  LMU in Germany – LMU credit and core 
Japan:  Sophia University in Tokyo 
Ireland:  LMU in Dublin – English Literature; Irish Studies; Psychology  
Italy:  Spring Hill College in Bologna – History; Italian; Literature; Theology; internship 
Mexico:  Augsburg University in Cuernavaca  
Peru:  SIT in Cusco  
Philippines: Ateneo de Manila University in Quezon City – Lit Phil; Pol Sci; Psych; Soc; Theo 
South Africa:  Marquette University in Cape Town 
United States:  The Washington Center in DC 
Vietnam:  Loyola University of Chicago in Ho Chi Minh City 

Complete list of programs

When should I start planning?
Planning in advance is always recommend to maximize your program options.  Meet with your Academic Advisor early on to discuss what required courses in your major or minor may need to be taken on campus at LMU, and what requirements you can accomplish through coursework abroad.

Language Learning Abroad 
Examples of programs that offer all levels of language study and/or courses for students with more advanced proficiency:

Chile:  Syracuse University in Santiago 
China:  The Beijing Center 
Costa Rica, Guatemala, Nicaragua:  Augsburg in Central America 
France:  Fairfield University in Aix-en-Provence – internship option 
Germany:  LMU in Germany 
Italy:  Spring Hill College in Bologna
Japan:  Kansai Gaidai University in Hirakata  
Japan:  Sophia University in Tokyo 
Mexico:  Augsburg University in Cuernavaca – internship option for advanced speakers 
Morocco:  SIT in Rabat – Arabic language study; opportunities to practice French & Spanish 
South Korea:  Sogang University in Seoul 
Spain:  Loyola Andalucia in Cordoba or Sevilla