LMU Teach Abroad

LMU Study Abroad provides faculty with the opportunity to teach abroad for a summer or semester.

What can I teach abroad?
Faculty are encouraged to propose specific courses along with their Teach Abroad application. While several programs offer a targeted curriculum, such as LMU Screenwriting in Budapest, many programs can accommodate course offerings from any discipline. Courses can be upper-or lower-division and should appeal to general student interest. Course content should draw from on-site resources. Upper-division courses and core courses are especially encouraged.

Transportation and housing
LMU Study Abroad covers the cost of a round-trip economy flight for the teaching faculty member from LAX to the closest major airport. LMU Study Abroad covers the cost of faculty housing that is associated with the program. The faculty housing will be furnished with linens and basic amenities. While a few summer programs include certain meals, in general, food, supplies, and all other personal expenses are the responsibility of the faculty member.

Family abroad
Living abroad for a semester presents a wonderful opportunity to involve family. Several of LMU’s partners are even able to help with arranging local schooling. If more living space is desired, the faculty member can cover the difference in cost above the normal housing assignment.

Applying to Teach Abroad
We encourage you to submit a Faculty Interest Form to obtain more information and to communicate your interest and assist our team with advance planning. We encourage faculty to submit an application 14-24 months in advance of the program. Teaching faculty will be assigned a year in advance whenever possible but may be assigned the semester prior. 

LMU Teach Abroad applications for SU25, FA25, and SP26 will open in the spring term. To review program information from the last application cycle, you can refer to the LMU Teach Abroad catalog for 2024-25.