LMU’s mission inspires the university’s strong commitment to global education.  As part of Global-Local Affairs and an expansive network of institutional partnerships, LMU offers study abroad programming in over 100 locations worldwide, including U.S.-based options. These semester and summer academic programs, which also include LMU faculty-led cohorts, are administered by LMU Study Abroad and often feature internships, service-learning, and research. LMU Study Abroad provides students with exceptional opportunities to learn from other cultures, earn credits towards graduation, and develop a more global perspective.

Commitment to Equity, Diversity and Inclusion 

LMU is committed to making global experiences accessible to all students. The LMU Study Abroad team and its program partners are continually working to remove barriers and expand opportunities for students to engage with the world. In our work with the campus community, we strive to create spaces where students feel empowered to share about their identities, their backgrounds, their experiences, and aspirations. Our team is dedicated to promoting equity, diversity, and inclusion in study abroad and to supporting students in all phases of their journey: before departure, while abroad, and upon their return home.


The overarching mission of the LMU Study Abroad office is to transform our student participants by providing meaningful, culturally immersive, and academically sound experiences abroad.   In so doing, we strive for this transformation to take place in the following ways:

  1. Evolving the self: develop skills of intercultural competency, self-reliance, and independence in our students through reflective, culturally immersive and intellectually rigorous programming overseas.
  2. Engaging with the world: translate these skills into an understanding and constructive world-view that is employed by our students in an increasingly interconnected and diverse world.
  3. Enhancing the community: contribute to the international dialogue of any present or future community of which our students are members by infusing new academic, social and cultural perspectives gained on study abroad.


Institutional Memberships