How To Stay Involved

We hope that you make the most of your remaining time at LMU, find ways for you to use the knowledge you have brought back, and share the new perspectives you have acquired.  The following checklist will give you a start on how to accomplish these goals:

  • Become an LMU Study Abroad Ambassador and share your enthusiasm for study abroad with prospective study abroad students. Contact if you are interested.
  • Share your photos (especially in our photo contest!). 
  • Submit a story for our blog by emailing
  • Continue to correspond with your home stay family and foreign friends! You never know when you'll be back. 
  • Stop by and talk with the study abroad advisors about your experience, we love to hear your stories.
  • Subscribe to foreign language media (newspapers, magazines, Instagram).
  • Host an international dinner party.
  • Check out foreign films.
  • Help a foreign visitor by showing them the campus or the greater LA area. Contact OISS to learn more. 
  • Follow, like, and tweet at our LMU Study Abroad pages on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter