Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Q. Why should I study abroad?

    A. You can study abroad for many reasons. You can choose to study abroad because it allows you to sharpen your foreign language skills and learn about yourself and the host culture.  You can choose to study abroad because it allows you to study in a different education system, travel to new places, increase confidence and independence. You can also fulfill a combination of core, major or elective requirements and meet degree requirements.

    Q. How soon can I study abroad?

    A. First-year students can go abroad as early as the summer after their first year at LMU. Transfer students can study abroad after completing their first semester at LMU. Typically, students study abroad during their sophomore or junior years maximizing their options. Seniors are encouraged to contact our office to find the program that work best for them. 

    Q. Are there programs for specific majors?

    A. With good planning, students of different majors can study in a variety of programs. Some degree programs are stricter than others and therefore there are some programs for specific majors such as Film&TV, Theater, and Engineering. Other programs might offer specializations on topics like Environmental Studies, Business, Migration Studies, Gender, Sexuality, Women's Studies, Peace and Reconciliation, Leadership, among many others.

    Discover our programs here.

    Q. Am I eligible for all programs? What are the eligibility requirements?

    A. You must be in good academic and standing to study abroad, so students under academic probation will not be accepted to a study abroad program. We will also complete a judicial check when you apply.  Eligibility requirements include class level, GPA, and language requirements if any. These can vary by program and are found on the program brochure page.

    Q. Do I have to know other languages to study abroad?

    A. Classes are taught in English unless otherwise stated on the program brochure page.

    Q. When should I apply?

    A. Typically, the application is due one semester before the program takes place. First-year students may participate in a program the summer after completing their first year at LMU, and transfer students can study abroad after completing their first semester at LMU. 

    Q. How do I choose a program?

    A. Attend a semester or summer Study Abroad 101 info session to learn more about our programs and application process.  You can also read the brochure pages for all the semester or summer programs offered by LMU Study Abroad. The program brochure pages have important information about the application requirements, classes, housing, extracurricular activities, visa requirements, and tuition and fees. 

    We also host a Study Abroad Fair in the Fall semester.  Students can learn more about program offerings, speak to Faculty, Study Abroad Alumni and representatives for semester and summer programs. 


  • Q: When is the application deadline?

    A: The application deadline for fall study abroad programs is March 2nd, the deadline for spring programs is October 2nd, and the deadline for summer programs is in November (some programs) and the end of January (for most programs).

    Q: What happens once I click the apply now button?

    A: First, the "Apply Now" button is located in each program brochure page.  When you click 'Apply Now,' you will be able to view and begin the application process. Only submitted applications will be reviewed.

    Q: How do I know my application has been submitted?

    A: If all requirements have been met and all boxes have been checked then you should be able to click the final submission button! A complete application will have all questionnaires, materials, and recommendation forms submitted. If you have any questions regarding your application status, please email LMU Study Abroad at

    Q: What is a Transfer Course Review (TCR) form?

    A: A TCR form is required as part of the application process for programs where you will receive LMU transfer credit.  This can take quite some time to complete, and students should start as soon as possible after opening an application. The TCR form is reviewed by the Office of the Registrar. If you have any questions about the TCR form and process, you can send an email to 

    Q: How do I request a recommendation form through the online application?

    A: Students are required to have one recommender, preferably LMU Faculty or Staff. On your application, there is a tab labeled 'Recommendations' where you will enter the name and email address of your recommender.  Recommenders will receive an email with instructions on how to access the recommendation form online. Once the recommendation form has been completed, students will be able to see the date it was submitted.

    Q. When will I know if I have been accepted?

    A. Generally, it can take up to 15-30 days after the application deadline date to hear if you have been accepted into a semester or summer program. Notifications to all students are sent via email. 

    Q. Will I need to notify LMU Housing that I will be abroad?

    A. If you have already applied to live on campus for the semester and you are accepted for study abroad, you should visit the Student Housing office to complete a cancellation form for the semester you are abroad.  Studying Abroad is a valid reason for cancelling your housing contract. Students are encouraged to inquire with LMU Housing about the application process for the semester after they have studied abroad. 

  • Q: How do I know if a program offers LMU Credit and Grades or LMU Transfer Credit?

    A. That information is listed on the individual program brochure page under the “Overview” section. If the program is listed as “LMU in…,” you will receive LMU credit and grades. You will receive LMU transfer credit for all other programs, and will be required to submit a Transfer Course Review form to The Office of the Registrar to understand how the classes will transfer to LMU. 

    Q. How do I register for classes since I am going abroad?

    A. If you are attending a program where you will receive LMU credit and grades you will register on PROWL.

    If you are attending a program where you receive LMU transfer credit, you will follow your program instructions on how and when to register for classes with your host institution. In addition, the Office of the Registrar will enroll students in a study abroad “placeholder” course. This 15-unit course maintains your full time standing with LMU.


  • Q. How much does studying abroad cost?

    A. The cost of studying abroad varies according to the program and location. A budget sheet, specific to each individual program, can be found on the program brochure page. Click on the "Tuition & Fees" tab. The budget sheet provides an estimate of the tuition and program costs and lists the inclusions and exclusions.

    Q. How can I fund studying abroad?

    A. Institutional, Federal and State Aid is applicable for most programs unless otherwise specified on the program brochure page. Students are encouraged to inquire with the Financial Aid Office about their own financial package to understand their unique situation.  Scholarships and grants are also available.

    Q: Where and how do I pay for the application fee?

    A: The application fee is billed to you through Student Accounts Services after your application has been reviewed. Students are expected to login to the Student Account Center and pay for the fee in a timely manner. See the instructions to access the Student Account Center below:

    • Log into
    • Click on “Accounts & Tech”
    • Select “Student Account Center”
    • Pay the application fee

    Q: Where and how do I pay for the non-refundable commitment deposit fee?

    Students are expected to login to the Student Account Center and pay the non-refundable commitment deposit fee by the commitment deadline. See the instructions to access the Student Account Center below:

    • Log into
    • Click on “Accounts & Tech”
    • Select “Student Account Center”
      • On the top menu, select “Deposit”
      • Select the term you will study abroad
      • Select “SA Commitment”
      • Pay the commitment deposit fee 

    Q. How do I pay for the program?

    A.  Most participants will be billed through LMU for their participation, and they will pay online using the LMU Student Accounts Services website.  With the exception of the application fee and non-refundable commitment deposit, students will pay the tuition and fees by the normal semester and summer deadlines set by LMU. Other students will be charged tuition through LMU and housing and board through the host institution based on the housing choice. A small number of students will pay the tuition and program fees directly to the host institution.