Advising Students to Study Abroad

LMU faculty and staff play an essential role.

LMU’s mission inspires the university’s strong commitment to global education. LMU Study Abroad provides students with exceptional opportunities to learn from other cultures, earn credits towards graduation, and develop a more global perspective.

LMU faculty and staff play an essential role in encouraging, preparing, and supporting our students in this journey. Please find below a quick guide to assist you in answering some common student questions and to help you connect students to the LMU Study Abroad team. 

Fast Facts:

  • When can students study abroad?  As soon as possible! First-year students can go abroad anytime after their first year at LMU. Transfer students can go abroad as soon as their second semester at LMU. 
  • Where can students study abroad?  LMU options span the globe with over 100 programs worldwide, including some U.S.-based locations.
  • How long can students study abroad?  Students can study abroad for a year, a semester, or a summer term.

How much does study abroad cost?

  • A semester abroad is similar in cost to a semester at LMU when living on campus! For most semester programs, students pay LMU tuition plus a program fee and retain their financial aid.  
  • LMU’s faculty-led summer and short-term programs abroad have separate fees, deadlines, and billing policies.
  • Study Abroad financial assistance grants are available, and Pell-eligible students are encouraged to apply for the Gilman Scholarship and Gilman Incentive Grant


  • Study Abroad is an enriching experience for students of all majors.
  • Students can take courses abroad to make progress toward graduation and fulfill core requirements.
  • Courses abroad can fulfill specific major or minor requirements with approval.
  • Encourage students to develop a 4-year plan that includes studying abroad! 

How to choose a program?
Students often gravitate to locations within their comfort zone. Faculty and staff can play a critical role in giving students the confidence to consider experiences and destinations that may be less familiar.

Encourage students to explore opportunities with language learning and intercultural exchange. 

Next steps for your students:

  • Attend a Study Abroad 101 info session to learn about semester and summer options 
  • Apply by October 2nd for spring abroad, March 2nd for fall abroad, and the end of January for summer abroad
  • Attend the LMU Global Learning Fair on 11/13 from 10:30am - 2:00pm at Alumni Mall

Helpful resources: