Study Abroad Summer Withdrawal Policy

Study Abroad Withdrawal Policy

Loyola Marymount University incurs certain financial and contractual obligations overseas once a student accepts a place in one of our study abroad or domestic programs.  For this reason, students should not consider that a refund upon withdrawal is automatic but should confer with LMU Study Abroad regarding any recoverable costs.

The $500 Commitment Deposit is non-refundable at any point after committing to the program. This Financial Withdrawal Policy also applies to students who are prohibited from participating in their program at any point prior to the program due to changes to their student account clearance, judicial status, academic standing, or inability to obtain the required visa.


  Cancellation After:

  Fee Owed:

  Commitment of Participation  

  $500 Deposit + Any Additional Costs Incurred

  March 1

  50% of Program Fee + Any Additional Costs Incurred  

  March 15

  75% of Program Fee + Any Additional Costs Incurred

  April 1

  100% of Program Fee

Students who are contemplating withdrawal after committing to participate in a program are strongly urged to discuss this with LMU Study Abroad before making a final decision.

If a student must cancel or withdraw from their program either before or after their departure, all students must complete the Summer Study Abroad Withdrawal Form. This form must be requested by the student from their respective study abroad advisor, and the student will not be considered withdrawn until the form has been processed by LMU Study Abroad.

Participant acknowledges that any refund of program fees will be based on deadlines above and monies that may be recoverable at the time of withdrawal. If a participant has not paid their program fees in full, they will be liable for any outstanding balance still owed once liability for program fees has been adjusted.