Class Observations & Reviews

The Center for Teaching Excellence offers confidential feedback and assistance through class observations and reviews based on an instructor's request including:

  • single or repeat class visits,
  • review of overall class design or specific class components,
  • assessment of learning goals, outcomes, or rigor of a class,
  • evaluation of general and specific class aspects, such as assignments, board work, student participation, etc.,
  • identification or introduction of new pedagogies or reorganization of a class,
  • confidential student surveys or conversations,
  • taping/recording and reviewing of classes,
  • discussion and assessment of student teaching ratings (evaluations),
  • piloting new classes, pedagogies, technologies, etc.

Class observations and reviews offered through the CTE are for formative purposes - to provide instructors with feedback that help to assess and adjust their teaching in the pursuit of excellence. Class observations by the CTE Director or an instructor identified by the CTE do generally not replace departmental class observations for summative purposes, in particular, for tenure, promotion, or hiring decisions.

Contact the CTE Director to discuss and set up a class observation.