Please scroll below for more information regarding upcoming events from February through April. The events are categories based on Anti-Racism Workshops, Faculty Panels, Digital Citizen Workshops, and High Definition Teaching Venue (HBTV).

Anti-Racism Series: Teaching Toward Justice 

3/19 - 4/30, every Friday, 12:30pm - 2:00pm, Teaching Toward Justice Anti-Oppressive Pedagogy and Curriculum 101 (No meeting April 2)

Faculty will work with facilitators and a small cohort of colleagues from within their school or college to  redesign their course for best practices in anti-racist and justice driven pedagogy.

Faculty Leaders: Julia Lee (BCLA), Brendan Smith (Seaver), Tara Pixley (SFTV), Arnab Banerji (CFA), Julian St. Clair (CBA), Eric Miller (LLS), and Maia Hoskin (SOE)

For more information contact and to sign-up, click here.

Digital Citizen Workshop Series


4/14, Wednesday, 2:00pm to 3:30pm, Raising the Bar: Understanding Data Visualization 

Reading charts and infographics is part of everyday life, yet telling a story with data can be tricky. Luckily, data visualization is a skill that everyone can learn! Data visualization is the practice of translating information into a visual context, helping humans understand complex concepts and making it easier to identify patterns and uncover insights.  In this workshop, learn the basics of designing data visualizations, selecting appropriate graph styles, and how to identify misleading data visuals. This event is open to all LMU students. 

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The Fall 2021 Teaching Experience

As we prepare for fall 2021, the Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE), Office of Online Learning (OOL), and Information Technology Services (ITS) are working with faculty partners to develop a series of workshops, panels, and supplemental resources to support faculty as courses transition back to campus or a hybrid learning environment. 

Synchronous Workshops


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4/13, 4:00pm-5:30pm PST, COVID Safety, a Look at Fall (Zoom)

Speakers: Devra Schwartz, Vice President, Safety and Security Kat Weaver, Associate Provost for Research, Professional Development, and Online Learning (Recording will be available)

4/14, 2:00pm-3:30pm PST, Faculty Champion Series: Student Engagement (Zoom) Speakers: Matt Stefl (MRKT) and Andy Rohm (MRKT)

4/15, 12:00-1:30pm PST, HyFlex Model, Invited Speaker (Zoom)

Speakers: Brian Beatty, Assoc. Provost of Instructional Technologies Creator of the Hyflex Hybrid Model, discusses case studies and answers questions (Recording will be available) 

4/26 & 8/13, Best Practices Fall 2021 Tentative

Speaker: Matt Frank, Director of Creative & Technology Support Services 

On-campus: Location TBD (based on registration) 

Self-Paced Learning 


3/15 - Ongoing, Self Paced Learning: Hybrid Instruction 

Self-paced faculty course to navigate a selection of curated materials, participate in discussions, and share out teaching and learning materials to support colleagues as they prepare for fall instruction. For more information, Click here

High Definition Teaching Venue (HBTV)

Check your LMU email for the link.

4/23, Friday, 2:00pm -3:00pm, Faculty Panel: Planning for Fall

Professors: Yanping Ma (Math), Mandy Krupsik (CS), Todd Shoepe (HHS), Mahsa Ebrahim (ME) 

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