Syllabi & Assignments Collection

This collection of syllabi and assignments serves as an opportunity for new and experienced teachers to see how others are organizing and presenting their classes, what pedagogies they are using, what assignments they are giving, what standards, rules, and policies they are relying on, etc. The collection serves as a formative tool that supports LMU faculty as a community of teachers and provides an opportunity to learn from each other and to be inspired by good ideas others have implemented.

In addition to syllabi, the collection often also includes different types of assignments, guidelines, and in some cases also anonymized samples of student work (the latter in a separate binder).

This material has come together in response to a general solicitation call to all faculty. These documents have not been vetted in any form and are not to be used for any summative or assessment purposes. Consider discussing features you see in these syllabi and material with us at the CTE and with colleagues in your Departments/Programs to determine whether those features may be good elements to integrate into your own syllabi, materials, and more generally your teaching. Also consider contacting the author of the documents for questions, suggestions, and discussions (keeping in mind that contributions to this collection are voluntary and people may be busy).

The collection contains syllabi and other material for different levels and types of classes; it covers the range of offered classes and programs as best as possible – there are gaps and you are welcome to fill them at any time (contact us). The collection will be updated on an annual basis, although not all material is expected to be of the most recent vintage (eventually, material will be removed by the CTE when too many semesters have passed). Faculty members can request to have their material removed from the collection at any point w/o the need for an explanation.

We encourage you to peruse the material in detail and slowly at the CTE and to also look at documents from areas outside of your field. You are welcome to take ample notes and/or to work on your own material as you have the collection next to you. However, do not make any photocopies or take any images in another form w/o the explicit consent from the author and notifying us. Do not share any of the material beyond the use in your own teaching w/o the explicit consent of the author. Please do not add or remove any items to/from the binders (even if you are the author – in that case, please contact us).

By consulting the documents in this collection, you agree to use them in the manner and for the purposes described here.

Enjoy, be inspired, and engage your colleagues in enriching conversations about teaching and learning.

Please contact us at the Center for Teaching Excellence to consult the Syllabi and Assignments Collection and for any questions you may have about it (, or 85866).