Syllabi & Assignments Collection

An Infographic outlining tips for writing a good syllabus

CTE Syllabus Checklist

The CTE provides resources for LMU faculty related to writing their course syllabi. Students looking for a course syllabus should reach out to the faculty member directly. The CTE does not keep a record of all syllabi. This site provides helpful resources for faculty to consider as they design their syllabus. 

Share your syllabus with us! There’s nothing better than faculty helping other faculty by providing examples. The CTE would love to collect your syllabi to create a searchable compendium on our website. Your name will be redacted from our forthcoming searchable compendium of syllabi example language. Please note that examples will be made accessible on our CTE website, open to the public. You can also email your syllabus to Thanks so much for considering! Click here to access the link 

Please contact us at the Center for Teaching Excellence to consult the Syllabi and Assignments Collection and for any questions you may have about it ( or 310-338-5866).