Faculty Learning Communities

The LMU Faculty Learning Communities (FLC) program brings together faculty from diverse disciplines who want to discuss with colleagues ideas about teaching, teaching challenges, and educational research.  Each group consists of 6 to 10 members from different disciplines, with no more than two from a single department.  The facilitator works with the CTE Director to organize a group.  Members of the group decide on the issues that will be addressed by the group.  Typically groups commit to meeting for 1.5 to 2 hours every three weeks for one year.  Groups that elect to meet at the CTE will have food provided for their meetings.  In groups that want to have in-depth discussion of books on teaching, each member of the group will be provided with a copy of the book to be discussed.  Some groups may elect to meet virtually using Zoom video conferencing software.  Both tenure-line and term LMU faculty may participate in the FLC program. 

FLC members are encouraged to assess changes in their classes that result from group discussions, and to determine whether there is an improvement in learning outcomes in those classes.  FLC members are encouraged to engage in educational research, present results in publications where appropriate, and to apply for externally funded educational grants.

All groups are expected to provide a brief report at the end of the year. Those groups who elect to provide a very substantial report, including assessment, will compete for an opportunity to present those results at a CTE event open to all faculty.  Each member of selected groups who participate in this presentation will receive a $500 stipend.  

Each FLC facilitator will work with the CTE Director to provide a starting theme for discussion and to organize a group.  Each FLC facilitator will be provided a stipend of $1,000.  Faculty interested in being a facilitator should contact the CTE Director, Martina Ramirez – Martina.Ramirez@lmu.edu