Overview of Events

The CTE is a central office at LMU that provides professional development workshops for faculty to continue our life-long learning. The CTE seeks to create a sense of shared responsibility and ownership in quality pedagogy, which is the hallmark of LMU. We offer a formative and constructive space for faculty, led by faculty.  Events and workshops are open to all LMU faculty. 

The CTE offers three types of workshops:

  1. CTE-sponsored workshops where LMU faculty generate and facilitate faculty-to-faculty peer workshops;
  2. CTE Co-Sponsored workshops where the CTE partners with offices across LMU on topics that affect faculty teaching and student learning;
  3. Partner workshops where the CTE hosts partners for tutorials and presentations on topics of interest to faculty pedagogy. 

Our goal is to build community among faculty, while we support and inspire each other. Please note that faculty presenters volunteer to share their expertise with our community. Some events are earmarked for faculty only (no students or staff). This is not intended to exclude members of our community, but rather to provide space where faculty can openly discuss the challenges we face with our teaching. Some events are open to all of our LMU community. Please read the description of the events and RSVP so we have a head count for food! 

Interested in offering an event through the CTE? Please email teachers@lmu.edu to start the process of requesting an event.