Open Classrooms

Open Classrooms Program

LMU Faculty volunteer to open their classrooms on selected dates to other faculty who arrange in advance for a visit.  The purpose of the program is to disseminate innovative ideas about teaching.



Finance Department


Hai Tran, Assistant Professor of Finance/CIS   


Fundamentals of Finance, FNCE 3410, is a course for business majors covering fundamental finance concepts.  Course meets in St. Robert’s 235.


Asset trading game to illustrate financial markets and asset bubbles. 

Open Classes:

2/26   12:55pm – 2:10pm


Please contact me by email the day before visiting.




Physics Department


Vincent Coletta, Professor of Physics  


General Physics II, PHYS 254, is a course for life science majors covering fundamental physical concepts, and some applications to life sciences.  Course meets in Seaver 101 on Tuesdays & Thursdays for 90 minutes from 9:40 – 11:10.  There are two types of classes:  I Concepts Classes on Tuesdays & II Problem Sessions on Thursdays.  The first 25 minutes of Concepts Classes are devoted to a quiz on the previous week’s material, except for classes on 4/3 & 4/10

I Concepts Classes:

Lecture, challenging clicker questions to stimulate discussion, and occasional demonstration of phenomena.  The use of clicker questions actively engages students, and has been shown to result in dramatically improved understanding of concepts.

II Problems Classes: 

All students present a homework problem on the board at the beginning of the class.  Then we go on to additional problems, usually increasing in complexity.  Emphasis is on using the Polya Method:  Formulate, Plan, Execute, Review.  The learning objective is to become better problem solvers, and not just in physics.

Open Classes:

I Concept Classes:

2/6  DC Circuits, household electricity, & electric shock

2/13 Magnets, magnetic fields, right hand rule

2/20 Electromagnetic induction, electromagnetic gun, electric generators

3/13 Mirrors & Lenses, mirror illusions

3/20 Structure & optical functioning of the human eye, correction of vision, visual acuity, magnifiers & microscopes

4/3   Lasers, bandwidth & coherence, interference: how light cancels light, rare optical phenomena

4/10  Diffraction (bending of light), polarization, Polaroid sunglasses

4/17  Relativity, simultaneity & the meaning of time, time dilation, time travel & the twin paradox.

 4/24  What is light? – blackbody radiation, quantum optics, hydrogen atom, wave/particle duality, how quantum computing will change the world.

II Problems Classes:

2/8, 2/15, 2/22, 3/1, 3/15, 3/22, 4/5, 4/12,4/19


Please contact me by email the day before visiting.