Innovation & Technology Workshops

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Innovation and Technology workshops are designed to create pedagogically sound, technology-enhanced learning experiences for your learners. Workshop participants are introduced to the pedagogical rationale of the technology, practice within a Brightspace course, and then adapt their workshop materials to their own courses. 


Brightspace automation & Intelligent Agents (self-paced, 1-2 hours) 

We are all familiar with Siri, Alexa, and other artificially intelligent friends who answer our questions, direct us through traffic, and support us with little more effort than the push of a button or click of a mouse. Intelligent agents are autonomous entities who receive commands and then perform actions in response to the input received. In this self-paced workshop, we begin with the pedagogy of Instructor and Student Presence, and then learn about the value of using automated, intelligent agents in Brightspace to increase learner engagement and responsiveness.

Flipgrid (self-paced, 30 minutes)  

Interested in creating more inclusive classrooms by using video discussion and video assignments in your course? Flipgrid is an increasingly popular, multimodal tool being leveraged by LMU faculty. In this workshop, we review the pedagogy of multimodal discussion and practice integrating Flipgrid in our own classrooms.

Microsoft Teams (30 minutes) 

This recorded session includes a 30-minute overview of MS Teams and was followed by an optional “hands-on” demonstration where faculty can get a sense of the student experience in Teams. Participating discuss how Microsoft Teams can be used to support student engagement and collaboration via the Teams widget in Brightspace. MS Teams provides an alternative to more traditional discussion boards and allows for real-time chat and group work amongst students.



Virtual Machines (self-paced, 2-3 hours) 

Many students are facing accessibility challenges with technology access. Virtual machines and emulators provide an option for learners who need to access software when their personal hardware isn’t a solution (i.e., poor processing power, devices that aren’t compatible with certain software, sharing devices with family members). Learn how to access virtual machines from your home device and integrate activities in your courses. Note: While all faculty are welcome to take this workshop, the use cases are designed specifically for faculty in CBA, Film & TV, and Seaver College. 


Agent Based Modeling (90 minutes) 

Learn about agent-based modeling—a storytelling tool that helps teach students about uncertainty and calculating probabilities, the rules of statistics and probability calculations.