For Faculty & Staff

Information for Faculty and Staff

‌Expectations for Peer Tutoring 

The main business of the Writing Center at LMU is peer tutoring. We employ undergraduate and graduate tutors in a variety of majors who have a record of academic success and the ability to work effectively with others, and we prepare them with ongoing education in writing theory and pedagogy. 

In peer tutoring sessions, tutors offer feedback and suggestions in response to students' stated concerns, although students retain agency to make final revision decisions about their writing projects. The goal of peer tutoring is not, necessarily, to help students craft perfectly edited papers, but to help them develop knowledge and skills in writing.

Tutors may guide students to learn to recognize and correct errors, based on trends that appear in their writing. Additionally, as appropriate, tutors will discuss with students other important elements of good writing: focus, development, organization, use of sources, style, and so on. 

Encouraging Your Students to Visit the Writing Center 

Please consider pasting the following statement directly into your course syllabi:

ARC Writing & Course Tutoring 
The Academic Resource Center provides writing support and peer tutoring in a variety of subjects. Be sure to make tutoring a part of your academic experience when you want feedback on a writing project or help understanding course concepts and preparing for exams. To make an appointment with a tutor, follow the "Writing & Course Tutoring" link in myLMU. | 310-338-2847 | | @lmuarc

Request a Class Visit or Workshop 

Faculty and staff can also request a class visit from a writing tutor to introduce your students to the Writing Center. Class visits take 10 minutes and help students put a friendly face to our services. 

Additionally, you can request a workshop (45 minutes) on a specific writing topic for your students. A writing tutor, GA, or Associate Director of the Academic Resource Center may facilitate the workshop, depending on the topic and audience. Peer review facilitation, using source information, genre features of literature reviews, and APA style are examples of the kinds of workshops that can be requested.

Proof of Visit 

You may require your students to visit the Writing Center or offer extra credit to them if they visit. Tutors will send you a "proof of visit" email after the student's session if the student requests this. 

Academic Honesty

For more information on academic honesty policies, please visit this page

Other Possibilities for Writing Support 

In the Writing Center, we look forward to identifying new ways to support the LMU campus with their writing. Let us know if there's something we can do for/with you or your students!