Meet the Writing Tutors

Students may wish to request a specific tutor when they make an appointment at the ARC, depending on their needs and the tutor's background and expertise. To help you make the most of your sessions, tutors have provided their bios here. When you are ready to make an appointment with a writing tutor, go to myLMU, "Academics," and "Writing & Course Tutoring," or contact the ARC receptionist at 310.338.2847 for assistance.  

Melanie profile pic for Meet the Writing Tutors
Melanie O.
Writing Center Coordinator

Melanie is a graduate student in the Writing and Producing for Television program. Originally from Maryland, she received her BA in English and Sociology from McDaniel College. This is Melanie's first year with the LMU Writing Center. Previously, she worked at her alma mater's Writing Center throughout undergrad and taught English as a recipient of a 2016 Fulbright ETA award. Melanie is excited about the collaborative aspect of sessions. While her favorite area is creative writing, she enjoys brainstorming and helping students develop their voice across subjects.
selfie of writing tutor Ariel
Ariel N.
Lead Writing Tutor

Ariel is a junior Health and Human Sciences major who is from Lake Elsinore, CA. She enjoys writing essays that range from health science topics to social justice issues. She loves to help clients in any stage of the writing process and wants to help them in their journey to improve their writing over time. Ariel enjoys critical analysis used in the writing process, and brainstorming is one of her favorite parts of the writing process.
Annika prof pic for Meet Writing Tutors
Annika C.
Writing Tutor

Annika is a junior double major in Psychology and Philosophy from San Jose, CA. She has experience in writing comparative papers on philosophical topics, such as medieval philosophy, hedonism, and ethics. She loves to work with students on crafting a direction for their paper as well as revising and editing an essay. She especially enjoys working on narrative and philosophical pieces of writing.
photo of Ava smiling in front of blue background
Ava R.
Writing Tutor

Ava is an English major from Nashville, Tennessee. She enjoys writing research papers as well as brainstorming ideas for creative writing assignments. She loves helping students create outlines for their papers, as well as editing final drafts for clarity and grammar. She is a columnist for an online magazine and has tutored students in an array of academic subjects since high school.
A headshot of Bettina wearing a black shirt
Bettina E.
Writing Tutor

Bettina is a sophomore Film and Television Production major with minors in Art History and Screenwriting from Cincinnati, OH. She enjoys writing essays analyzing media such as film and fine art and their intersections with sociocultural movements. She also has experience with creative writing mediums such as screenplays and film treatments. Bettina enjoys helping clients create clear and cohesive messages through their writing across a variety of formats and disciplines.
photo of Bianca sitting on a bench outside in front of flowering bush
Bianca G.
Graduate Writing Tutor

Bianca is a graduate student in the English M.A. program with an emphasis in Literature. She is a recipient of the English Teaching Fellowship, allowing her to teach writing in First Year Seminar classes. She is originally from southern New Jersey, where she graduated from Rowan University with her Bachelor's in English and concentration in both Creative Writing and Shakespearean Studies. She worked as a writing tutor throughout her undergraduate study and is excited to continue tutoring with LMU's Writing Center.
Photo of Grace smiling in front of dark background
Grace K.
Writing Tutor

Grace is a junior Philosophy major and Bioethics and Theology double-minor from Boston, MA. She especially loves reading and writing essays within philosophy, bioethics, and theology, but also enjoys any type of argumentative and research papers. She has experience editing for professors and has written many papers using MLA and Chicago-style formatting, including footnotes. She enjoys working with students at any stage in their writing process, whether it be getting started with their essay, sorting through and incorporating outside sources, and helping them edit and revise their work before turning it in.
profile photo of ARC tutor Halley
Halley D.
Writing Tutor

Halley is an undergraduate sophomore biology major. She enjoys music as much as she enjoys the sciences. Because of this, she really enjoys writing scientific papers, reports, and creative pieces. Halley is looking forward to helping clients with brainstorming ideas, as well as drafting and revising their work.
photo of Josh in suit and tie in front of green background
Joshua H.
Writing Tutor

Joshua is a junior Political Science major and English minor from Inglewood, CA. He loves writing essays about politics and novels, but also enjoys working on extensive research papers. He loves to work with fellow students on building their confidence as writers and crafting cohesive essays. Josh specifically enjoys using his own personal philosophy throughout his writing process, which is that an almost perfect introductory paragraph is the key to writing the best essay possible.
A photo of Juliet wearing headphones
Juliet W.
Writing Tutor

Juliet (she/they) is a junior Film and Television Production major. As a multidisciplinary artist, she dedicates herself to filmmaking, microtonal music, photography, and writing poetry and prose. To her, writing is creating connection through shared experiences. When a writer can express something—an experience that someone else has also had but has never been able to put into words and never knew anyone else experienced: when that collision occurs, it is a formed spiritual connection between audience and writer, and in that moment, we no longer feel alone. Juliet enjoys helping writers clarify and strengthen their message while crafting each sentence to be effective and efficient. She also has experience in dealing with perfectionism and anxiety around writing.
A picture of Maria smiling in front of trees
Maria M.
Writing Tutor

Maria is a junior double major in Women’s and Gender Studies and Film and Television Studies. She has special experience writing argumentative essays, research papers, and annotated bibliographies. Her favorite parts of the writing process include tailoring a piece of writing to the audience, honing sentence structure, and improving the overall clarity and coherence of a paper but she loves helping students in any stage of writing!