Meet the Writing Tutors

Students may wish to request a specific tutor when they make an appointment at the ARC, depending on their needs and the tutor's background and expertise. To help you make the most of your sessions, tutors have provided their bios here. When you are ready to make an appointment with a writing tutor, go to myLMU, "Academics," and "Writing & Course Tutoring," or contact the ARC receptionist at 310.338.2847 for assistance.  

Simon S. 

Photo of Simon in front greenery

Writing Center Coordinator

Simon is a graduate student at LMU's School of Film and Television, pursuing an MFA in Writing for the Screen. He is from Vancouver, Canada, where he received his B.A. in English with honors and Creative Writing at the University of British Columbia. At UBC, he also spent several years working as a peer writing consultant alongside students of all year-levels and disciplines. He is very excited to meet and work with students who bring a variety of assignments - both academic and creative - and he is familiar with writing about the arts and humanities, citing in both MLA and APA styles, and refining essay structure and mechanics. 


Candice H. 

Picture of Candice

Lead Graduate Writing Tutor

Candice is a School of Film and Television graduate student in Writing and Producing for Television. For her undergraduate degrees, she majored in English (Creative Writing and Technical Communication & Rhetoric) with a minor in chemistry. With her chemistry minor and her pharmacy prerequisites, she has an understanding of sciences from Chemistry I and II to Organic Chemistry and from Biology I and II to Microbiology, so she's able to help with a wide range of writing assignments, including scientific reports, essays, and articles. Candice's hobbies include writing and reading poetry, fiction, and scientific articles. She also enjoys watching anime, Netflix dramas, and action TV shows. She's comfortable and excited to engage with students who have different backgrounds and writing styles. She looks forward to helping students make their writing the best it can be.


Ben V. H.

photo of grad tutor Ben outside

Graduate Writing Tutor 

A Midwest native, Ben traveled west to pursue a career in screenwriting and music–both extremely easy fields to break into. He is currently an MFA student in the Writing for the Screen program offered by LMU’s School of Film and Television. As an undergraduate and former graduate student, Ben studied English and Film Studies at St. Olaf College in Northfield, Minnesota before receiving an MA in Pedagogy and a TESOL Certificate at Northern Michigan University. Apart from teaching composition as a graduate assistant while attending NMU and some time spent instructing adult second language learners in the States, Ben also spent two years teaching English to high school students in Japan. Subsequently, he has extensive experience working with second language learners. In his free time, Ben enjoys making music, cooking, and spending time in the wilderness. He looks forward to helping students with their writing while meeting people from a variety of different backgrounds.




Chelsea K.

outdoor photo of writing tutor Chelsea

Graduate Writing Tutor

Chelsea is in her final year of the M.A. in Counseling program. She is specializing in school counseling and hopes to work as a high school counselor. She is serving as President of GSLMU for 2019-2020. Chelsea is from Kihei, Hawaii, and she received her BA in Psychology from Kenyon College in Gambier, Ohio. This is her second year working at the Writing Center. She is excited to work with students and help them gain more confidence in their writing abilities. In her free time, Chelsea enjoys reading, walking her three wiener dogs, and color-coding her planner.





Judith C.

Picture of Judith

Graduate Writing Tutor

Judith is a graduate student in the Yoga Studies program. She is a lifelong lover of writing. She really enjoys writing essays about ethics of contemporary issues. Judith is looking forward to working with clients throughout their entire writing process, from organizing thoughts, to getting words onto the page, structuring the project, finding sources, and citing works. 







Michael H.

Picture of Michael

Graduate Writing Tutor

Michael is a graduate student in Theological Studies. A native of the Bay Area, Michael wanted to become a writing tutor because he has a background as a high school history and English teacher. He also has experience writing a master's thesis concerned with the issues of marginalized students in higher education. His hobbies include reading historical fiction and biographies, discovering new aspects of spiritual direction, and exploring the connection between genres of music. 






Christina G. 

Picture of Christina

Lead Writing Tutor

Christina is an English major with minors in Screenwriting and Asian and Pacific Studies. She is a senior transfer student from the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles county, and this is her second year as a writing tutor at LMU's ARC. Christina is a writing tutor because she enjoys the endless forms of creativity that writing has to offer, and she loves the fact that when it comes to writing, one can only become better at it. A few fun facts about Christina: she is a horror fanatic, a loud shy person, was born deaf in her right ear, and has two fat cats named Bubbi and Leelee. 






Julia H.

Picture of Julia H

Lead Writing Tutor

Julia is a junior Screenwriting and Spanish double major from Springfield, Missouri. Her favorite forms of writing include script-writing for graphic novels and poetry. In middle school, she turned in a piece of fanfiction about Food Network chef Bobby Flay to irk her English teacher, who begged her to take writing more seriously. Her favorite places to study on campus are the terraces outside of University Hall and next to the fireplace in Hannon Library. And for the astrologically-inclined, she's a virgo. 







Avamarie S. 

Picture of Avamarie

Writing Tutor

Avamarie is a senior theater major and journalism minor. She loves helping students with all aspects of writing, whether it be brainstorming or editing. She also enjoys researching sources for papers, and she loves getting to know other students' writing styles. Her main passion is for entertainment, from acting to singing to dancing, but she is well-versed in mostly all subjects when it comes to writing. 






Avery D.

Tutor in front of greenery

Writing Tutor

Avery is an International Relations major with a Biology minor, and she is currently a senior at LMU. She is from Portland, Oregon, although her family now lives in the Bay Area. This is her third year as a writing tutor. Avery enjoys helping with all aspects of the writing process, but is particularly comfortable with formulating theses and organizing essays. Because of her Biology minor, she is knowledgeable about writing lab reports and other types of scientific writing. Her favorite part of being a writing tutor is watching her tutees’ skills grow and getting to meet and talk with new people.




Eva B.

Picture of Eva

Writing Tutor

Eva is an English/History double major with a German minor. She is currently a senior in the LMU class of 2020. She is from San Gabriel, CA, but is familiar with the LA area. This is her second year as a writing tutor here at the ARC. Her strongest areas include persuasive and research papers, as well as finding credible sources and developing questions. Eva's interest in proofreading and peer feedback began with exchanging stories and essays with her best friend since high school, which still continues to this day. Her additional hobbies include reading, origami and traditional art, political and social justice discussions, sleeping, and food adventures. 





Francesco S.

Photo of tutor Francesco outside

Writing Tutor 

Francesco is a screenwriting major with a minor in classics and archaeology, and he is currently a junior at LMU. In his free time, he enjoys producing films with his friends and writing stories. He loves learning language and is currently teaching himself Spanish, Dutch, and Latin. Francesco's specialties are argumentative and analytic papers, and he loves the whole writing process. He especially enjoys research and crafting the flow of an essay. 





Hannah W.

outdoor photo of writing tutor Hannah

Writing Tutor

Hannah is a senior English major and women's and gender studies minor. She loves books, both non-fiction and fiction, and working on creative projects or any type of literary writing. She is particularly excited to help students kickstart their creative process, make outlines, and work on organization. She is also a self-proclaimed punctuation and style nerd. 






Kate B.

outdoor photo of writing tutor Kate

Writing Tutor 

Kate is a junior English major with minors in screenwriting and dance. She has familiarity with both academic and creative writing styles. She enjoys helping will all aspects of the writing process, especially critical analysis and essay structure. Prior to transferring to LMU for her sophomore year, Kate lived in the Philippines, so she can accommodate student clients who prefer to communicate in conversational Tagalog. 






Lua J.

Outdoor photo of writing tutor Lua

Writing Tutor

Lua is an undergraduate English and psychology double major. She loves to help students discover their potential and develop their style! As a published poet, she is especially looking forward to working with clients on creative pieces, but enjoys assisting with all types of assignments and aspects of the writing process. Lua comes as a package deal with her service dog, Bug! 






Teresa U.

outdoor photo of writing tutor Teresa

Writing Tutor 

Teresa is a junior transfer student majoring in studio arts, multimedia. She enjoys writing about topics in culture, art, and the environment, and she is fluent in Japanese. Teresa looks forward to helping clients strengthen their writing skills so they are able to express their opinions eloquently.