Meet the Writing Tutors

Alexandria (Alex) Anderson

Born and raised in Silicon Valley, the 2017 school year is Alexandria's first time tutoring at the ARC. While Alexandria is her legal name, she usually goes by a variety of nicknames. The most common nickname she chooses to go by is Alex, although others have included Ally, Al, and Al-pal. She is a junior English major and enjoys almost every second of it. Yes, even she, a writing tutor, gets tired of papers every now and then. Alex loves getting to bond with her tutees-- it gives her friendly faces to wave to on her cross-campus walk from Leavey 5 to the ARC every time she has to tutor. A fun fact about Alex is that she really hates neon yellow highlighters (she will only buy highlighters in the color "Accent Yellow").


Zainah Ben Essa

Zainah is a senior international student from Kuwait who is double majoring in psychology and political science. She has been a writing tutor at the ARC since fall of 2015. When she was a freshman, she visited the ARC often to get second opinions on her papers. The helpful tutors at the ARC at the time helped her potential as a writing tutor. She also wanted to become a writing tutor because she loves reading other student's ideas and enjoys helping them improve their work. She believes that writing is a collaborative process and that bouncing ideas off of other peers helps make a great paper!  


Sophie Bress

Sophie Bress is a junior dance major with journalism and theology minors. She was born and raised in Laramie, Wyoming and just began tutoring in the fall of 2017. She loves writing as a way to share ideas and thoughts with others and hopes to share her love of writing with others through tutoring.


Avery Dillon

Avery is a sophomore biology major, and this is her first year tutoring in the ARC! She is from Portland, Oregon and likes to tell everyone she meets about how much she loves her hometown. Avery joined the writing center because she tutored students of all ages throughout high school and wanted to continue tutoring in college. 


Laura Galang

Laura Galang is a junior economics major with a philosophy minor from San Jose, CA. This is her first year as a writing tutor at the Academic Resource Center. She became a writing tutor because she wants to help other students grow as writers. She looks forward to a great school year!


Annika Hattori

Annika Hattori is a junior communications major from Santa Monica. This is her first year tutoring at the ARC center at LMU, but she tutored for a few months previously outside of LMU. She was inspired to become a tutor as she believes it is very rewarding to help other students who struggle with writing overcome their insecurities with essay writing. She enjoys writing because it provides her an outlet to express her voice and opinions.





Shannon Hewlett

Shannon Hewlett is a sophomore from Stockton, California and is working at the ARC for the first time this year. Being a screenwriting major, Shannon has always loved the writing process from start to finish. During her time at the ARC, she is excited to help students with their work while at the same time growing as a writer herself. 



William (Billy) Krauss

Originally from Rochester, Minnesota, William (Billy) Krauss is a 2nd Year Graduate Student in the School of Film and Television’s Writing for the Screen Master of Fine Arts program. He completed his undergraduate degree at the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, Massachusetts, where he majored in English literature. However, in his first few years of college, he struggled with writing and sought help at Holy Cross’ Writers Workshop. With their help, he became confident with his writing and wanted to help others do the same, becoming a writing tutor the second semester of his sophomore year. He continued tutoring until he graduated and now is a first-year writing tutor at the ARC.


Alejandra Loperena Molina

Alejandra is a junior English major. She is an international student from Mexico City. This is her second year as a writing tutor in the ARC. She enjoys being a tutor because she likes seeing pieces of writing develop from mere ideas into powerful words. She also really enjoys writing herself, mainly because it is a strong form of expression. She does not feel she is a very good public speaker, so she has always relied on the written word to express herself fully. Writing is one of those fluid things that is never finished and is always saying something, even when there are no words to say it. Alejandra really likes that fluidity and that freedom that writing brings, and would like other people to share her enthusiasm about it as well.


Leah Morris

Leah is returning as a writing tutor for her senior year. She is from San Francisco, and she is majoring in communications and minoring in dance. Leah loves writing and decided to become a writing tutor because not only does she believe it is one of her strengths, but she wants to show others that writing can be interesting, fun, and it does not have to be scary. 


 Mattie Norman

Mattie Norman is a junior English and screenwriting double major from Heflin, Alabama. While this is her first year working at the ARC as a writing tutor, she has always had a passion for writing and views it as a collaborative process. She enjoys many types of writing, from analytical papers to more creative assignments, and hopes that her passion for the craft shows through her work. 


Anna Pasano

Anna is a senior philosophy major, double minor in international relations and classics and archeology. She is from Northridge, California. This is her third year tutoring in the writing center. She finds that writing allows her to express deep truths about reality in a stylized way that makes them universally accessible. After she graduates, she hopes to pursue a career in law and eventually receive her PhD in philosophy.


Xochitl Pasten

Xochitl Pasten is a junior English major and Chicana/o studies minor from Los Angeles, California. Xochitl is in her second year of tutoring at the Academic Resource Center. She became a writing tutor in hopes of helping her peers navigate the sometimes difficult process of writing. Xochitl enjoys meeting and working with her fellow student peers to help them become better writers.


Alexis (Paige) Prevost

Paige Prevost is a senior double major in film and television production and English, and this is her first year as a tutor in the Writing Center. She is originally from Beaumont, TX but started to love Los Angeles as soon as her freshmen year began. She loves the power that words have and the way that any story can be told. She is also a member of Underwings Praxis and MEChA.


Kyla Rhynes

Kyla Rhynes is a senior marketing and English double major from Los Angeles. Stemming from a passion for reading and storytelling, writing has been a part of her life for as long as she can remember. She started tutoring her sophomore year of college, after her rhetorical arts professor recommended the position to her. Since then, Kyla has enjoyed helping others realize their own writing potential, and through the years, she has seen her own writing process improve by learning from her tutees. In her free time, she likes working on her lifestyle blog, watching movies, and hanging out with family and friends. 


Hilary Rucker

Hilary is a psychology/women's and gender studies double major with a theater arts minor and is currently a sophomore in the LMU Class of 2020. She is from Los Angeles, and this is her first year as a writing tutor here in the ARC. Hilary wanted to be a writing tutor because she enjoys teaching other people about the writing process and is interested in seeing other people's writing styles. Additional hobbies include, playing piano, reading, journaling, composing music, discovering new psychological theories, and talking to other people!


Julia Silvey

Julia is a junior English major. She has been tutoring for three semesters now. She is from Aliso Viejo, CA, and wanted to be a tutor because she enjoys reading and wanted to learn more about the writing process.


Joshua Singer

Born in Honolulu, HI, Joshua grew up with a strong appreciation for sand. At the age of 18, he was forced to make the rather tiresome 3,000 mile walk across the Pacific Ocean to attend college on the mainland. He got his BA at Willamette University in Salem, Oregon, majoring in English creative writing and minoring in film studies. He is currently a second year graduate student studying screenwriting. He just started as a writing tutor this year, and while he does not necessarily enjoy writing, he loves having written.


Cameron Walsh

Cameron is a senior English major/ dance minor from Orinda, CA who has been tutoring at the ARC for three years. She enjoys tutoring because she believes writing to be one of the greatest skills a university can give its students, and one which will no doubt be involved in almost any job post-college. Developing this skill allows us to better communicate our thoughts and intentions effectively to others, and lacking it can be an endless cause of frustration. By giving her students the tools they need to improve their writing, she is giving them the opportunity to comfortably engage in a worldwide conversation, on their terms. 


Cameronn (Cam) Young-Harry

Cameronn is a senior sociology major from Hayward, CA. He enjoys music, recreational sports, and expressing his sense of creativity through various mediums of art. Cameronn enjoys writing because he believes it is liberating and one of the most significant ways an individual can convey their inner thoughts. Although only in his first year of tutoring, he looks forward to working with and learning alongside those he will meet in the writing center this year.



Manna Zelealem

Manna Zelealem is a sophomore communication studies major and journalism minor. She calls Atlanta, Georgia home though her entire family hails from Ethiopia. This is Manna's first year tutoring at the Academic Resource Center, but she has had a passion for writing since she first learned to write. Her favorite thing about writing is the ability to create alternate universes through words and the fact that each person has their own individual voice. To Manna, being a writing tutor means helping students tap into their ability to write and breaking down the stigma that writing is an impossible task for those who do not think they are gifted in it. A fun fact about Manna is that she has seen every episode of The Office at least four times.