Watch this short video or read the information below to learn how to easily schedule sessions with a writing or course tutor. 


The ARC's tutoring schedules are available to students with WCONLINE. You can schedule your own appointments from anywhere and at any time!

To log in, view the schedule, and make or modify appointments, sign in to myLMU and click "Writing & Course Tutoring" (under "Academics").

The first time you log in to WCONLINE, you'll be prompted to register an account. Simply fill in the information and create your profile.  

Make an Appointment

When viewing the tutoring schedule, you can toggle between schedules or select different weeks by using the navigation features near the top of the page. The schedule is color-coded as follows: 

  • White blocks = Available 
  • Dark blue blocks = Not available 
  • Light blue blocks = Other appointments
  • Yellow blocks = Your appointments 

To make an appointment, click on the white block of your choice and complete the appointment form. 

You have options! You can have a half hour or full hour appointment, and you can meet face-to-face or online with your tutor. If you select the online option, we suggest you also make a full hour appointment, just in case you need time to troubleshoot technical issues.

Join the Waitlist 

If you want an appointment at a time when our schedule is full, you can join the waitlist for that day in WCONLINE. You'll receive an email or text if an appointment becomes available. Be sure to log in and book it before another student does.

Appointment Limits

Students can have up to one hour of writing tutoring in a day and up to two hours of writing tutoring in a week, depending on availability.

Meet Your Tutor Online

If you are meeting your tutor online, log in to WCONLINE at the start of your session, open your yellow appointment, and click the red "Start or Join Online Consultation" link. 

Online tutoring sessions are synchronous, which means you and your tutor will work together, at the same time, in a digital space on your writing project. WCONLINE offers the option for video and audio communications in addition to text chat, and it provides a digital whiteboard where you and your tutor can collaborate on revisions. 

Cancel or Modify Your Appointment 

To cancel or modify your appointment, just log in to WCONLINE, click on your yellow appointment, and make the relevant changes.

When canceling, please give at least 15 minutes of advanced notice, so another student has the opportunity to take that session. 

Missed Appointment Policy

If you miss (without canceling) two of your scheduled sessions, WCONLINE will block you from making additional appointments. If this happens to you, you will need to contact the ARC to explain your situation.

Writing Center Feedback Survey

After you meet with a writing tutor, a survey will be emailed to you. Please remember to tell us about your experience! 

Need Help? 

If you need help using WCONLINE, you can always call or stop by the ARC! 

310-338-2847 | Daum Hall, 2nd floor