The Center for Teaching Excellence supports Loyola Marymount University's goal of academic excellence by enhancing the teaching and learning process through a wide range of services to all who teach at LMU.

The Center for Teaching Excellence supports LMU's educational goals by advancing and inspiring excellence in teaching and learning so that all LMU students have the opportunity to become engaged self-motivated life-long learners. The Center offers professional teaching and learning assistance, development, and support to all LMU instructors. The Center for Teaching Excellence was developed by the faculty and operates in consultation with the Committee on Excellence in Teaching, which serves as its advisory board.

The Center for Teaching Excellence helps students learn by making it easier for instructors to:

  • Use effective teaching methods
  • Continuously develop and review teaching
  • Strive for teaching excellence
  • Engage every student from our diverse population in the learning process
  • Enhance the value and recognition of teaching excellence
  • Receive support for teaching and scholarship on teaching and learning
  • Inform decision-making about teaching and learning

The Center for Teaching Excellence supports the teaching and learning community through:

  • Presentations
  • Workshops
  • Grants
  • Consultations
  • Course Observations
  • Facilitation of Teaching Collaborations
  • Collaborations
  • Faculty Learning Communities
  • Working Groups
  • Research, Resource Materials, and Recommendations on Teaching and Learning
  • Discussion Forums
  • Conferences
  • Showcasing and Recognition of Excellence in Teaching
  • Assistance for Faculty Committees on Teaching and Learning
  • Other Services in Support of Teaching and Learning