A scenic view of LMU and the neighboring Ballona Creek from a nearby trail with downtown Los Angeles in the distance

Center for Urban Resilience (CURes)

Founded in 2011, CURes provides a suite of research, education, and restorative justice services in support of our mission to: “partner with communities to build resilient, vibrant, and just cities through meaningful interactions with their diverse ecosystems and each other.” We endeavor through collaborations and support from key partners including philanthropic foundations; NGOs; school districts; other universities; city, county, state, and federal agencies; and the LMU community.  

CURes reports to Academic Affairs through the Vice Provost for Global-Local Initiatives, and serves LMU faculty, staff, and students by: conducting cutting-edge urban social-ecological researchco-managing Ballona Discovery Parkpublishing an international journalimplementingrestorative justice initiatives, and offering student research assistantships and internships. We collaborate with faculty through fellowships, joint grant making, original research, and outreach programming. We also partner with the Green LMU Initiative, the Campus Sustainability Officer, the School of Education, Loyola Law School, Bellarmine College of Liberal Arts, the School of Film and Television, the Academy of Catholic Thought and Imagination, and others to enhance the ongoing efforts of those programs and to help initiate novel projects that meet the goals of The LMU Strategic Plan. 

Trees with flowers along the Loyola Blvd entrance to campus
A row of Jacaranda trees in bloom on the LMU campus. Our team has developed interactive maps of the tree canopy cover for Los Angeles County. Come give it a whirl!
Coyote howling on a game camera in the woods
A coyote howling at the moon caught on a CURes critter cam! LMU undergraduates can conduct hands-on research in urban ecology guided by a CURes faculty or staff member.
A seminar about Restorative Justice being conducted in front of an audience
An instructional session on Restorative Justice Practices. CURes offers trainings to reform systemic education transforming social structures towards a more just society.
A live bird webcam showing hummingbirds feeding and stats regarding the current weather
Our live cameras allow viewers to observe birds at hummingbird and seed feeders for their entertainment and education!