Current Student Researchers & Interns

Jules Burke, Culver City Coyote Research AssistantClass of 2024 
Jules is a pre-medical Biology major at Loyola Marymount University. She grew up in a small town just outside of Boston, Massachusetts. She looks forward to eventually pursuing an MD and getting involved with orthopedic surgery. She is extremely passionate about social and environmental justice and is very excited to be getting involved with research with CURes. Math and science have always been subjects she loved and excelled in, and she was a participant in the ACCESS program for first year Seaver students. Because she is spending her first semester at LMU attending virtual classes from home, she is delighted about the opportunity to get involved in Biology research. She loves staying active, exploring, and understanding how the world around us works. She cannot wait to get involved with the team!
A picture of our student intern, Jules Burke
Liam Chamberlin, Media Development Research AssistantClass of 2021 

Liam Chamberlin is an undergraduate student at Loyola Marymount University. He is a Screenwriting major, with minors in English and Environmental Studies. Liam grew up in rural northeastern Washington, just outside the town of Republic. An avid skier and hiker, Liam plans to pursue his passion for the outdoors in his career as well as his personal life. He joined CURes in order to contribute to environmental action and restorative justice on the LMU campus, in the greater Los Angeles area, and around the world.

Rebecca Davenport, Culver City Coyote Research Assistant 

Rebecca Davenport is a junior Biology major from Caldwell, New Jersey. She loves working at CURes because urban ecology research is becoming increasingly relevant to wildlife conservation and management. The Culver City Coyote project serves as an example of how urbanization has dramatically impacted a native species and its behavior. After graduating, Rebecca hopes to pursue a Ph.D. in Conservation Biology to contribute to ongoing conservation programs and research.

Gwyneth Garramone, Culver City Coyote Research AssistantClass of 2024

Gwyneth is a pre-health biology student at Loyola Marymount University. She intends to go to medical school following her undergraduate degree, to specialize in surgery. Gwyneth was born in Jordan but grew up primarily in various parts of Europe. She enjoys rock-climbing, watching old movies, and learning languages. Gwyneth joined CURes to gain research experience following research done in high school relating to wavelength variance and its effect on fruit ripening. 

A picture of our student intern, Gwyneth Garramone 
Madina Inagambaeva, Culver City Coyote Research Assistant 

Madina is a sophomore pre-medical biology major from Carmel, CA. She was originally born in Uzbekistan and she moved to the United States when she was five years old. Madina plans on becoming an OBGYN when she graduates medical school. She also wants to travel all over the world and has a passion for wildlife and the ocean. She works as an EMT on campus and in her free time, Madina loves hiking, swimming, and going to the beach. She is excited to be researching coyotes and working with an amazing team! 

Lily Maddox, Environmental Organizations Research AssistantClass of 2023 
Lily Maddox is an Environmental Studies/Modern Languages major from Baltimore, Maryland. She previously planned to attend veterinary school, but has recently changed course to search for ways to intertwine her love of environmental science with animals as her future career instead. At LMU, she’s a part of Honors, Rains Research Learning Community, Radix Hip Hop Team, and Club Basketball. At home, she loves her long held job at Hallmark and her bearded dragon, Rango Sherman the Fifth, who can also be seen on campus when school is back in session. Lily joined CURes this year to become better acquainted with conducting research in a friendly environment while also diving deeper into an important environmental topic, climate change! A headshot of our student intern, Lily Maddox
Julia Pradel, Rains Research AssistantClass of 2021 
Julia Pradel is a Sociology and Urban Studies double major. She grew up on Bainbridge Island, a small town just a boat ride away from Seattle, Washington. During her time so far at LMU, Julia has fostered a passion for social justice and was previously involved in Ignatians Service Organization and StudyLA.  During her time as a student researcher Julia has focused on examining multiple aspects of the social environment of Los Angeles. A headshot of our student intern, Julia Pradel
Melinda Saadatnejadi, Environmental Organizations Research AssistantClass of 2022
Melinda is a Civil Engineering major who grew up in Rancho Palos Verdes, California. She has always loved wildlife, the environment, and the sciences which is what inspired her to pursue her degree. Melinda joined CURes due to her passion for learning how to preserve the environment and her goal of finding sustainable solutions to environmental problems to promote our quality of life. She has also conducted research with LMU’s Coastal Research Institute, analyzing the topography of The Bay Foundation’s Santa Monica Beach Restoration Pilot Project. Additionally, she is an active executive board member for LMU’s American Society of Civil Engineers. In her free time, Melinda loves exploring new places, taking photos of the landscape, and discovering new music. A picture of our student intern, Melinda Saadatnejadi
Teagan So, CURes Social Media AssistantClass of 2023

Teagan is a Screenwriting and Psychology student from Irvine, California. She is passionate about increasing diversity and representation in film, particularly in the Asian-American community. In her free time, Teagan enjoys writing, watching movies, and exploring Los Angeles. She loves getting involved in her community, and she's excited to be working at CURes, handling their social media and blogging!


A picture of our student intern, Teagan So
Ian Wright, Culver City Coyote Research AssistantClass of 2021

Ian is a Biology major from Sacramento, California. Feeling at home in the natural world, he has a tendency to question how the world around him really works. Ian wants to pursue a PhD in plant sciences/agronomy, with the goal of teaching in higher education. Working for CURes has provided him with a great structure to learn about the intricacies of conducting research with a team. Aside from the science of nature, Ian loves exploring human endeavors such as music, architecture, photography, film, religion, philosophy, yoga, and more. All the better when they come together!

Ian Wright student bio pic