Tree Canopy Map Viewer

Using high-resolution remote sensing data (imagery and LiDAR), our team developed interactive maps of the tree canopy cover for Los Angeles County. You may access two viewers below:

  • The Basic Viewer focuses on Tree Canopy only, visualizing Tree Canopy from the parcel level to the city level.
  • The Advanced Viewer includes detailed Land Cover maps from the parcel to the city level and two derivatives from Tree Canopy and Land Cover data.

These maps allow users to assess existing conditions and identify potential priority areas where enhanced urban greening could contribute to climate resilience, environmental equity, and public health improvement. The staff at The Center for Urban Resilience, along with collaborators that include Tree People, Chapman University, LA County, The University of Vermont, Cal Fire, Sav-A-Tree, LA Center for Urban Natural Resources, the USDA Forest Service, and Edison International are thrilled to share these maps with you. We challenge and encourage you to discover how Los Angeles could be transformed into a leafy urban ecosystem, with all residents enjoying nature's ecosystem services and the benefits of green neighborhoods.

We stand ready to collaborate on future management and research projects that may arise from these tools.

Learn more about "The Journey" creating these tools. Please contact us for more information.

Los Angeles County Tree Canopy Basic Viewer