Michele Romolini, Ph.D.

Managing Director, CURes


Dr. Michele Romolini specializes in social scientific research related to urban ecology, with main areas of expertise in environmental governance and green infrastructure. She received her PhD in Natural Resources at the University of Vermont, and a Master's of Environmental Studies and BA in Biology at the University of Pennsylvania. She has also completed professional development trainings in leadership, project planning, restorative practices, and equity. Her published work can be found in the CURes’ Virtual Hub.

As CURes' Managing Director, Dr. Romolini works to develop new research collaborations, secure funding for projects, and integrate social and ecological research questions. She leads several CURes research projects, in particular tree canopy mapping and prioritizationstewardship networks, and urban parks and greening. She also works closely with the CURes-led So Cal Restorative Justice Consortium and related Empowerment Evaluation research. Dr. Romolini’s work is inherently collaborative and includes partnerships with faculty and staff at LMU and other universities, USDA Forest Service scientists, and community-based practitioners. She has taught courses on both social and ecological topics, and mentors independent student research. Students are invited to contact her about research opportunities.

Dr. Romolini’s multistate work and research take place predominantly in Southern California and Maryland. Although frequently working in Los Angeles, Dr. Romolini is currently situated in Baltimore, Maryland where she has active partnerships with The Nature Conservancy Baltimore Program and University of Maryland Department of Science and Technology. Dr. Romolini is also a member of the Baltimore Ecosystem Study.