Leveraging national expertise and previous regional investment in Los Angeles County STEW-MAP, the LA River STEW-MAP provides detailed information on the geographical footprint and collaborative relationships of stewardship organizations working in the Los Angeles River watershed. Launched in 2019, LA River STEW-MAP was the first to be supported and guided by the US Forest Service’s three main units: State and Private Forestry, the Pacific Southwest Research Station, and the Angeles National Forest. By focusing on the LA River watershed, this project aims to capture and raise awareness of the many collaborative stewardship activities and relationships that are occurring to advance LA River revitalization. 

LA River STEW-MAP products include:

  1. STORY MAP describing the methods and preliminary results of the project
  2. NETWORK TOOL visualizing the relationships among stewardship organizations (preview below)
  3. STEWARDSHIP TURF MAP displaying the geographic footprint and characteristics of stewardship organizations working in the LA River watershed (preview below; related content still in development)
  4. RESEARCH REPORT detailing the project in its entirety

LA River STEW-MAP Network Tool

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LA River STEW-MAP Stewardship Turf Map

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LA River STEW-MAP was implemented by the Loyola Marymount University Center for Urban Resilience in partnership with the Angeles National Forest, US Forest Service- Urban and Community Forestry Program, US Forest Service Pacific Southwest Research Station, LA River Urban Waters Federal Partnership, and the Los Angeles Urban Center for Natural Resources Sustainability.