In 2019, the Loyola Marymount University Center for Urban Resilience (CURes) received support from Edison International to conduct the initial stage of a Stewardship Mapping and Assessment Project (STEW-MAP) for Riverside, CA. STEW-MAP is a national program designed to answer who, where, why, and how environmental stewardship groups are caring for urbanized landscapes. Stewardship is defined as “conserving, managing, monitoring, transforming, educating on, participating in and/or advocating for the local environment.” The first stage of the protocol is to conduct an inventory of environmental stewardship organizations in a given geographic area, to assess stewardship capacities and needs and provide an updated directory of organizations.

The inventory revealed 44 organizations working in some aspect of environmental stewardship in Riverside, including 24 non-profit and community organizations, 15 local government agencies, 2 for-profit businesses, 2 partnerships, and 1 independent special district. Primary stewardship activities for were Advocacy (12 organizations), Conservation (10 organizations), Management (9 organizations), followed by Transformation (5), Participation (5), and Education (3).

In the online map below, clicking on pins can reveal more information about each organization:

As shown, the majority of organizations conducting stewardship activities in Riverside are concentrated in downtown Riverside, with several other organizations located throughout the City and a few organizations located outside of city boundaries, including Pasadena, Oak Glen, Los Angeles, Sacramento, and San Diego, CA, and one organization located in Washington, DC.

This initial phase of Riverside STEW-MAP was supported by Edison International.