Nicole Alaverdian '20 & Gaby Guerrero '21

ONIF Dual Student Spotlight

Nicole Alaverdian '20 & Gaby Guerrero '21
Bellarmine College of Liberal Arts and College of Business Administration

This past summer, four LMU Lions were awarded Ebell Scholarships: Nicole Alaverdian (Environmental Studies '20), Autumn Collins (Multimedia Arts '20), Gaby Guerrero (Theological Studies & Marketing '21); and William Oxley (Finance '21). Ebell Scholars receive $5,000 annually towards educational expenses.

Below, Nicole and Gaby share their application experience:

October 25, 2019

Name of award and a brief description: The Ebell of Los Angeles Scholarship. A scholarship designed for students who live and attend school in Los Angeles County. Scholar recipients are chosen based on economic need, academic achievement, and community service.

What are your current or future career plans?

Nicole: After I graduate, I want to work for 1 or 2 years at an environmental non-profit and then apply to grad school. My plan is to pursue environmental policy, and that is what I want to go to graduate school for!

Gaby: Re-interpreting religious traditions and scripture in ways that empower women, PhD, becoming a leading voice in the interfaith community, write for America Magazine.

What inspired you to apply for this award? 

Nicole: My mom has two jobs and is paying for my tuition on her own, which is not easy. She told me to focus on my academics and she would worry about the financial aspect. However, I wanted to help her in some way, so I decided to apply to a variety of different scholarships. As I was looking for what scholarships to apply to on ONIF's website, I came across The Ebell Scholarship and applied to it!

Gaby: I wanted to be able to fund possibly living in New York this summer to intern for America magazine, or a possible trip to Israel with LMU in the winter.

What was the most challenging part of the application process?

Nicole: The application was not challenging at all, in my opinion. It was all about you and your current/future plans.

Gaby: I didn’t find it particularly difficult mostly because I enjoy and am comfortable in interview situations. The women of the Ebell were especially welcoming, which was very encouraging.

What advice do you have for future applicants?

Nicole: Show your passions and commitments! Many people who applied and got the Ebell scholarship have shown that they are passionate about what their studying, passionate about what they do/what they want to do in the future, and are involved on campus and in their community.

Gaby: Advertise the most unique things about yourself. I leaned heavily on my goals in interfaith work and role as a woman in a field (theology) that currently lacks women.

What would people be surprised to know about you?

Nicole: I have 4 dogs!

Gaby: I love to write, my walls are filled with my favorite quotes and I journal every single night. I love creative and reflective writing as well as doing research papers for my theology classes.


To learn more about the Ebell Scholarship, visit or contact ONIF.