ONIF Student Spotlight

Kevin Chang '21
Frank R. Seaver College of Science & Engineering

March 30, 2020

Name: Kevin Chang

Major: Biochemistry

Graduation Year: May 2021

Fellowship Award: Barry Goldwater Scholarship - a prestigious scholarship awarded to college sophomores or juniors pursuing a career in scientific and engineering research.

What are your current or future career plans? PhD in Biochemistry.

What inspired you to apply for this award? Last year, I had the honor of knowing Dillon Rinauro, who was in my research lab with Dr. Moffet and a honorable mention recipient of the Barry Goldwater Scholarship. I looked up to him because of his intellectual intensity and mature mindset. Thanks to him, I was inspired to apply to the Barry Goldwater Scholarship and advance my career in research.

What was the most challenging part of the application process? I think that making sure all the different components of the application were complete was the most challenging part of the application process. Along with multiple letters of recommendation and transcripts, the scholarship also requires information about your research, activities, and career plans. Ensuring that all these components were completed was quite was a lot!

What advice do you have for future applicants? Make sure to ask your academic advisors, mentors, and Cassidy Alvarado for help! Without Cassidy Alvarado's advice and the feedback I received from my academic mentors, my application would not nearly be as strong.

What would people be surprised to know about you? I was selected as most likely to succeed in high school because the actual winner didn't show up for the picture.


The Goldwater Scholarship Program, one of the oldest and most prestigious national scholarships in the natural sciences, engineering and mathematics in the United States, seeks to identify and support college sophomores and juniors who show exceptional promise of becoming this Nation’s next generation of research leaders in these fields. Kevin is LMU's first Goldwater Scholar since 2013 and only our third recipient since 2007! For more information about this award, contact ONIF or visit https://goldwater.scholarsapply.org/2020-goldwater-scholars-by-institution-state/.